Writing in the 21st Century (Proposal Draft)


  • How will certain writing practices or texts continue to change in the twenty-first century?

-Certain writing practices or texts will continue changing in the twenty-first century with technology.


  • What texts will you be citing as your offer evidence and analysis for your argument?

-I will be citing a blog called “Humans of New York” as I offer evidence and analyze my argument.


  • What sort of “genre”will you discuss, and why did you choose that genre?-

-I will be discussing a blog that contains multiple genres. This blog contains posts that are inspirational, motivational, and informational in forms of interviews.


  • Describe the “field” for which you are producing this text, and explain how that field is relevant to you?

-The field for which I am producing this text is


  • What sort of “ethos” will you be attempting to establish about yourself, and how do you plan on conveying it?

-The ethos that I will be attempting to establish for myself is that I am well aware of what I am talking about. I plan on conveying this by giving as much information as I can.


  • How will your text be organized? That is, how will it begin? How will it end? What happens in between the beginning and the end?

-I will begin by answering the prompt question, giving background information on the blog and connecting it to the prompt question, and end it by summarizing all the important points of my paper.



I will be using the following images (maybe more):



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