Writing in the 21st Century (Proposal Revision)

•How will certain writing practices or texts continue to change in the twenty-first century?
      – The certain writing practice I will approach is the teaching writing practice and texts. It will continue to change in the Twenty-First century, as technology advances. Technology has changed, thereby causing teachers to change their stylistic approach and their writing practices. Currently, classrooms are set up to mirror how students are taught, through their teachers’ approach. Everything is based on technology.
•What texts will you be citing as you offer evidence and analysis for your argument?
      – I will be citing multiple articles. Here are some:
These articles explain how teachers have had to change the way they are teaching and why.
•What sort of “genre” will you discuss, and why did you choose that genre?
     – I will be discussing education and communication. I chose these genres because as education techniques advance, I believe communication techniques will advance as well.
•Describe the “field” to which you are producing this text, and explain how that field is relevant to you?
      – The field of this text will be the teaching field. This field is relevant to me because I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I am studying to be one.
•What sort of “ethos” will you attempting to establish about yourself, and how do you plan on conveying it?
        – I plan on showing that I am credible by showing that I’ve done my research. Not only am I a student, but I’ve worked in a teaching environment and I think this experience will help convince my audience that I know first hand how technology has changed the way students are taught.
•How will your text be organized? That is, how will it begin? How will it end? What happens between the beginning and the end?
    – My text will be organized as a blog. (Maybe on a chalkboard background?) I will begin by giving background information on how classrooms were, I will continue on to how they are now, and I will discuss the positive and negatives of the changes that have been made. Lastly, I will finish with my opinion, if I think these changes are good or bad and why, and how I think they will continue to change in the future.

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